Rumah Pintar


Tjiwi Kimia views education as a key to improving the livelihoods and quality of life of people in nearby communities. By opening access to education for all through a series of scholarships for all levels of education – from elementary school to university – providing adequate facilities and infrastructure, transportation and school supplies, Tjiwi Kimia empowers local resources to be able to take control of enhancing their quality of live and people around them. 



Rumah Pintar Tjiwi Kimia was built in May 11, 2008 as the initiative of Women Solidarity Association (SIKIB) which cooperate with Tjiwi Kimia CSR, Smart Telecom, and Eka Tjipta Foundation. The purpose of Rumah Pintar is to educate people as the responsibility of Indonesian citizen and to give chance to Indonesian to learn by using appropriate facility, especially for those who live in low economic level. 

Rumah Pintar Tjiwi Kimia started from Monday to Friday at 8.30 am to 15.30 pm and Saturday at 7.30 am to 11.30 am. All facilities in Rumah Pintar could be accessed freely. Combining learning and playing concept, Rumah Pintar provides 6 learning centers which could be choose by students, those are:

1. Books Center/Library
This library has 1.700 kinds of books which could be read. Such as; education books, Encyclopedia, comic books, psychology, cooking, health, hobbies, planting, astronomy, language, and etc. Rumah Pintar Tjiwi Kimia also provide magazines and newspapers which could be read by parents while waiting for their children.

2. Computer Center
The purpose is to give knowledge and education about computer and education software. There are 10 units of computer in Rumah Pintar. Students could enjoy many kinds of education games such as, English Words, fun-fun study, childsplay, drawing for children, gcompris, fruitfrolic, mathematics, sebran, tuxmath, and etc. Rumah Pintar also provides internet facility which could be used for learning access, such as helping students to finish their homework and education through free learning web.

3. Games Center
The purposes are helping students to interact each other, playing while learning and growing creativity through educative games. There are many kinds of APE which could be used by visitors such as chess board, halma, puzzle, beam stacking, playing card, stick and play, etc.

4. Audio Visual Center
To open students’ mind and entertain them through educative movies, and also to develop their talent and interest of art.

5. Handicraft Center
To give children basic skill such as sewing, flannel creation, handicraft from ice cream stick, etc which could help to growth people’s welfare.

6. Angklung Center
Since Angklung has been inaugurated by UNESCO as the Indonesian culture heritage in 2010, Rumah Pintar Tjiwi Kimia has been challenged and proud to maintain, develop, and introduce Angklung to all people. This activity has been started in October 2011 and got positive reaction from visitors. This could be seen from children' spirit and enthusiastic to join and practice Angklung in order to produce harmony music.